Sweet as Sin

From Harlequin Dare

(Sin City BrotherHood #3)

The Martinez family helped Alex Fischer turn his life around when he came to them as a troubled child. Now, years later, he’s best friends with their son, Rafael, and they’re both living the high life in Vegas, working and partying together. When he runs into Rafael’s younger sister, Maria, at a club one night, his red-hot attraction to her takes him by surprise. Wary of betraying Rafael, he keeps his distance. Until…

The last thing he expects is to run into Maria at his office, where she’s been hired as an assistant. They can’t keep their hands off each other, and it doesn’t take long for them to begin an illicit fling. Alex knows their relationship must stay hidden or he could lose his best friend and tear apart the Martinez family—but it’s hard to keep something this good a secret forever.

Sins of the flesh​
Sin City Brotherhood #2

When it comes to sexual politics

They’re playing dirty!

The mayorship of Las Vegas is down to two candidates—and Jessica Morgan is ready for a fight. Golden boy Rafael Martinez is a successful businessman…and a wickedly sexy egomaniac. He might be her opponent, but there’s something irresistibly hot between them! All it takes is one little leaked sex tape to turn this election into a Sin City sensation…

Boardroom Sins
Sin City Brotherhood #1

It’s just business…

Until it becomes deliciously personal

In college, Rebecca Daniels and Brett Collins had a hot rivalry—with sexy benefits. Brett’s company has competed with the Daniels family business for years. And with Rebecca back in town as CEO, Brett has initiated a hostile takeover…just after they share a seriously naughty encounter! Now the battlefield is in both the boardroom and the bedroom. But sometimes the line between love and hate is thinner than you think…

Harlequin Blaze

In the Boss's Bed

Hot for the boss… 

Maya Connor was already embarrassed after a dare—and a shot of vodka—resulted in one seriously sexy kiss with an even sexier stranger. She had no idea that the man she made out with was hotel magnate and reputed playboy Jamie Sellers. Or that she would soon be working for him… 

In Her Best Friend's Bed

She wants him so much! 

Abby Shaw has had enough. She's done with relationships (why are guys always so needy?) and wants to focus on getting her career off the ground. The fact that Trevor Jones—her new best bud and her boss—is seriously hot shouldn't complicate things at all. But that deliciously hard, tattooed body? A kiss that suggests hours—and nights—of wicked pleasure? Yep, Trevor is trouble… 

Power to Love

Deep Desires

With the discovery of a home he and his brothers inherited in Key West, Cash Power finds the opportunity he’s been waiting for to take a vacation. His time as a conflict photographer has left him with memories he’d rather forget, and the Keys sound like the perfect place to clear his head.

But his dreams of a relaxing vacation are forgotten when he meets his neighbor for the flight, Karen Gallagher. Karen boarded the first flight she could to get away from the stress of her work as an environmental lawyer, where she meets Cash. After a mile -high tryst with the handsome man, she realizes she’s forgotten to book ahotel room for her stay in the Keys...

Eye of the Beholder

She’s leading the straight life now. He’s the reminder she doesn’t need. Their kiss will ruin everything she’s worked for…or will it?

Former jewel thief, Isla Turner, now works as a museum security consultant. She’s living the straight life, no longer interested in a life of crime. When Jared, her former partner—and ex-lover—returns to ask for her help in one last score, she tells him she isn’t interested. But the thrill that comes along with the job, and being with Jared again, is too much to resist...

The Brewed Moon Series

Bump & Grind (Brewed Moon #1)

By day, Erica Hardin is a barista at Brewed Moon, a trendy downtown St.John’s café, but by night, she is one of the city’s most sought after burlesque dancers. She craves more adventure and excitement in her somewhat dull, coffee-pouring life, and she gets all that and more when Peter Swanson walks into Brewed Moon.

Unknown to Erica, Peter is a detective, part of a special team trained to fight the scourge of organized crime. When he and his team have suspicions of mobsters
associating in the Brewed Moon, they spring into action, investigating the café and everyone who works there.
In Peter and his sinfully-good looks, Erica sees the element of danger she’s been craving. Peter however, can’t look past her luscious curves and wily red-lipped smile, and he’s willing to sacrifice everything he holds dear to get close to her.

Despite the circumstances, neither Erica nor Peter can escape the instant attraction they feel, and before they know it, their steamy, forbidden affair is embroiled in a sinister plot perpetrated by Irish mob kingpin, Dylan O’Connell. Soon Erica finds herself in more danger than she anticipated, and she must rely on her own wits to survive, while Peter has to stop O’Connell before he makes his evil plans a reality.

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Up All Night (Brewed Moon #1.5)

When Detective Mitch Swanson gets word that a deadly drug cocktail is being distributed through Leather & Lace, an exclusive St. John’s club, he decides that he needs to get inside to see for sure. He secures an invitation to the club’s Halloween masquerade party, but once he’s past the club’s heavy wooden doors, finds himself immersed in an erotically-charged anonymous party for the city’s elite. For once Mitch might be in over his head, until he gets the attention of a mystery woman who offers to show him around. In the company of the seductive stranger he finds it impossible to concentrate on the job, and soon, he finds himself more at home in the club, and with the woman, than he ever
imagined he would.

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Double SHot to the Heart (Brewed Moon #2)

All of Juliana Lark’s hard work is finally paying off. Brewed Moon, her trendy downtown St. John’s café, is finally turning a profit, and she is on her way to business success. Her days are consumed with running her
business, but her nights belong to Leather & Lace, an exclusive club that facilitates sexy rendezvous for its members. It was at the club’s Halloween masquerade ball that she met a mystery man in a fox mask, and
their subsequent encounters have been lifting her love life to new heights. Just as Juliana’s stars seem to be aligning, her life gets turned upside down when she witnesses a grisly murder behind her café on
a quiet winter morning. Shaken to her core, she calls the only person she can trust to protect her – Detective Mitch Swanson.

Mitch,the leader of special team trained to fight organized crime, suspects this latest killing in a string of murders is linked to Yuri Petrova, the head of a Russian crime syndicate. A major war between two gangs is
boiling over into barely-contained bloodshed, and this latest crime is putting his friends in the crosshairs. Unfortunately, Mitch’s team has been unable to get any concrete evidence to hold their prime suspect.
Mitch is reluctant to involve Juliana in the case for her own protection, but he can’t deny that the killing at her café might be the break his team needs to blow the case wide open – and end the turf war before more lives are lost.

Meanwhile, the street violence reaches a fever pitch and Mitch is torn between protecting his witness at any cost and falling in love with her while keeping secrets from both her and his team. At the centre of the chaos, Juliana fights to maintain some normalcy in her life, and her independence despite Mitch’s intensifying insistence that she lay low with him until the danger subsides. However, she finds the stress of doing nothing is worse than the danger, so Juliana clings to the two bright spots in her life: the café and her anonymous lover from Leather & Lace, who may be someone more familiar to her than she realizes.



When tragedy strikes Brewed Moon Cafe, Juliana Lark was convinced that her dream of running a successful café had come to an end. That is, until a silent investor comes forward with the money to help to start over, bigger and better than ever. Now, just three months later she
can’t believe how far she’s come, both with the business and with her boyfriend, police detective Mitch Swanson.

Meanwhile, Mitch feels like he’s being pulled in two directions at once, with his shaky partnership with the Irish mob on one side, and his boss snooping around
his team’s activities on the other. The only constant in his life is his insatiable desire for Juliana. However, Mitch will find his worlds colliding when Juliana finds herself in business with an unsavoury

As allegations of corruption in the police force leads to increased scrutiny of Mitch’s team, and mob violence spills out on the streets once again, Mitch scrambles to control the situation. However, Juliana has her own secrets that threaten to change both their lives, for better or worse.